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WP5 Water management

WP-leader: Flemming Gertz

Local measurements have received a growing attention in recent years and many Danish farmers have been active in collecting samples from their own farms. These data may not be used directly as an instrument in national regulation, but can be very valuable for local management of nitrate and thus play an important role in the implementation of national strategies.

This is the offset for the work in TReNDS, where local scale data, measured by hand held and easy-to-use devices, is a corner-stone in the engagement and involvement of farmers. Participation of stakeholders, including farmers, has increased from the first to the second Danish Water Action Plans. This has been a success and the national authorities are currently considering an even further involvement for the next version of action plans. In this context the measurements collect by farmers and/or advisors in TReNDS provide not only data, but also local understanding of the physical system and how to identify local solutions. Together with local water boards, TReNDS will explore how local data and knowledge can utilised to a greater extent in the design of a national regulation of nitrate. In TReNDS scientists will work with the following hypothesis:

Hypothesis H: In collaboration with stakeholders, new concepts for emission based regulation can be developed that allows the inclusion of local scale data and observations in future national regulations.

Photos by: SEGES

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