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July 2017 - TReNDS collects detailed data on the redox conditions

Ejlskov A/S has been working on the development a probe that can measure redox conditions in the subsurface in order to determine the depth of the redox interface, which is where nitrate disappears. The redox probe, partly developed in TReNDS, has been tested at a number of field sites where the redox depth was known in advance from other studies. The results from these tests look very promising.

TReNDS is therefore ready to launch a big measurement campaign with the redox probe, where a lot of redox data will be collected from different types of geologies. The data points will be spaced with varying distances, so that statistical analyzes of the spatial variation in redox depths for the different geologies can be made. In TReNDS the numerous new data and knowledge on the spatial variation of the reodx conditions, will be used to develop an improved method for estimating the depth to the redox interface at national scale.

Field test of the redox probe. Photo: Ivan Vela, Ejlskov A/S

Results from one of the field tests. Ivan Vela, Ejlskov A/S

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