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  • Højberg A.L. et al. (2017) Accounting for natural reduction og nitrogen. Presentation at Land Use and Water Quality 2017, Den Haag, The Netherlands, May 29th -  June 1st 2017
  • Iversen B.V. (2016) Dræn - kortlægning og afstrømningsdynamik - illustreret ved cases. (Drains - mapping and discharge dynamics - In Danish). Presentation at Hydrologidag 2016, Odense, October 27th 2016.
  • Højberg A.L. (2015) Transport and Reduction of Nitrate in Danish Landscapes at various Scales - TReNDS. Presentation at meeting organized by US Critical Zone Observatory, University of Illinois, May 5th 2015
  • Karlsson I.B. et al (2016): Significance of hydrological model choice on climate change impact assessment for stream discharge and nitrogen load. Presentation at the 10th Annual Meeting of Danish Water Forum, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, January 28th 2016.
  • Steiness M., van't Veen S.G.W., Jessen, S., Højberg, A.L., Engesgaard, P. (2016): Hydrology of a Danish Riparian Lowland: The Importance of Groundwater Upwelling on Nitrate Removal. Poster presented at AGU Fall meeting, San Francisco, USA, December 12-16th 2016. Download poster (1.6 MB)
  • Prinds C., Petersen R.J., Iversen B.V., Kjærgaard C. (2016): An ongoing hydro-biogeochemical characterization of a partly drained lowland in a clay till subcatchment. Poster presented at the 10th Annual Meeting of Danish Water Forum, Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, January 28th 2016. Download poster (3 MB)
  • Højberg A.L., Iversen B.V., Kjærgaard C., Refsgaard J.C., Engesgaard P., Gertz F., Jørgensen L.F. (2015): Towards spatially differentiated regulation of nitrogen. Højberg. Poster presented at LUWQ-2015: Land Use and Water Quality, Agricultural production and the environment, Vienna, Austria, September 21-24th 2015. Download poster (0.3 MB)


  • van't Veen S.G.W. (2016): Hydrogeology and groundwater chemistry in riparian lowland – An investigation of nitrate transport and groundwater flow for an agricultural, riparian area with sandy aquifer located at a subglacial stream trench near Holtum Stream, Denmark. Master's thesis, Department of Geoscience and Natural Resource Management, University of Copenhagen
  • The Danish Knowledge Center for Agriculture (SEGES) has published a new Report on spatially targeted measures in agriculture to reduced the nitrate load to coastal waters. The report is only available in Danish.
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Have a look at publications from the related project NiCA (Nitrate reduction in a geologically heterogeneous catchment) that ended in 2014.


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