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Welcome to TReNDS

- a research project on Transport and Reduction of Nitrate in Danish landscapes at various Scales

Nitrate leaching from agricultural areas is one of the major water resources management problems in Denmark. Prompted by the Danish Commission on Nature and Agriculture new regulation strategies are currently being developed in Denmark based on spatially differentiated N-regulation, where higher N-applications can be allowed in areas with high natural reduction of nitrate in the groundwater and riparian zones. This approach is novel and will have large socio-economic impact. Optimal utilization of the natural variation in nitrate reduction, however, requires knowledge on small-scale nitrate removal, which is currently not existing and difficult to estimate with adequate certainty due to fundamental knowledge gaps related to the effect of drainage, the subsurface geochemistry and N-removal in riparian lowlands.

TReNDS will develop methodologies and tools to: i) detect drain pipe location and quantify their effects on flow dynamics and nitrate transport in the soil-groundwater zone; ii) identify the hydro-biogeochemical nitrogen transformation in riparian lowlands and quantify their impacts on nitrate fluxes to surface waters at catchment scale; iii) locate the depth to the redox interface and establish a methodology to produce an improved high-resolution national map; iv) integrate local-scale drain dynamics and riparian lowland processes in large-scale catchment models required for practical use at national scale water management; and v) develop and test new principles for national regulations based on control monitoring of nitrate outputs from agriculture utilising local scale data and knowledge.

The TReNDS project started 1 January 2015 and runs for four years until the end of 2018. Eight research groups (including one Canadian, one Australian, and two from the US), a Danish consulting company and two Danish SMEs as well as two Danish public authorities are involved in the project that is partly funded by the Danish fund 'Innovationsfonden '

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